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Winter Haiku 1

Winter Haiku 1

Murky winter day Trees, air, clouds, me, hold our breath Poised for heavy rain 21 Dec 11

Summer Haiku 1

Summer Haiku 1

Drinking in luscious June dawn’s song of birds trees wind Hot coffee gone cold 19 Jun 12

Winter Haiku 2

Winter Haiku 2

Low tide break of dawn sharp cold walk across Micous study in grey-gold 16 Jan 12

Love Haiku 3

Ah, dreamtime lover Tapping at my heart last night The door is not locked. 22 Dec 11

Fall Haiku 4

beets and carrots just pulled from the late fall garden

Two days of digging Unlocks the treasures of life Balance is restored 23 Oct 11

Fall Haiku 3

A coloured pencil sketch of fall leaves

Red and gold and green Late day sun shocked the garden Zen-like and clean swept 21 Oct 11

Fall Haiku 2

Succulent rainfall October’s sultry monsoon Floods my house and heart 20 Oct 11

Love Haiku 2

Breathe: salt, tears, wind, joy Headlong into the big waves Emotional surf 4 Sep 12

Fall Haiku 1

sun seen through greenhouse

Chill dawn flirts with warmth Spiderwebs sail light vectors The still garden waits 2 Sep 12

Love Haiku 1

Daughter with sad heart Motherhood class one-oh-one: Hug, then let her heal.   16 Jan 12