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Monthly archives for December, 2016

Fear and Hope

There are a thousand places I’d like to be kissing you and endless ways I’d like to say to you the steel bonds of fear stand in my way.   Choices and readings of mice or men failing me then and now colour it grey and flatten every hope why not the fear? 31 Dec […]

Love Haiku 3

Ah, dreamtime lover Tapping at my heart last night The door is not locked. 22 Dec 11

Flannel Sheets and Love

Wallis Simpson was wrong when she said you can’t be too rich or too thin. Sheets can be too thin. Then they rip. Then you have to improvise with top sheets as fitted sheets. And not only do those things get thin and rip, they also slide around a lot, getting tangled in your legs […]

Hugelkultur and The Pit of Despair

I’d like this word anyhow, even if it didn’t apply to anything important in my life. Hugelkultur. It’s fun to say. If you pronounce it in a shitty Australian-tinged German accent, you can make it sound like Hegelkultur, which makes me pretty pleased to be synthesizing the ecology while composting all the junk in my […]