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A Fridge-Cleaning Meal

roasted brussel sprouts ready for eating!

Eating from the freezer and clearing out the fridge are fashionable these days. Here’s a meal that did both. A few months ago, I bought a massive pork loin and cut it into 1.5 lb pieces for the freezer. I also had the remnants of a bag of spuds going soft, about a pound of […]

Spicy Flank Steak Dinner

Spicy Flank Steak Dinner

Just made an amazing meal for a Monday night. Eating out of the freezer now that we’re in COVID-19 week 3. I took a flank steak out with little idea of what to do with it other than marinate it. So I did what I usually do, rummaged around in a few sites and found […]

Hugelkultur and The Pit of Despair

I’d like this word anyhow, even if it didn’t apply to anything important in my life. Hugelkultur. It’s fun to say. If you pronounce it in a shitty Australian-tinged German accent, you can make it sound like Hegelkultur, which makes me pretty pleased to be synthesizing the ecology while composting all the junk in my […]

Peasant Food

the raw ingredients for ratatouille

Sometimes I lose track of how much goodness there is in simple dishes and how really pleasing they are. Sometimes I just get tired and don’t want to cook. That’s when grilled cheese, plain pasta or get yer own damn supper are on the menu. But, the reality is: I cook like a peasant. I […]