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Fear and Hope


There are a thousand places I’d like to be kissing you and endless ways I’d like to say to you the steel bonds of fear stand in my way.   Choices and readings of mice or men failing me then and now colour it grey and flatten every hope why not the fear? 31 Dec […]



Touch.   Splits skin and resolve. Knife meets ripe plum.   Touch.   Tumbles body and soul. Surf pounds clear sand.   Touch.   Fires belly and heart. Hand feeds pure desire.   Touch.   Scours skin and bones. Mouth polishes raw stone.       29 Aug 12

House as Haiku: A Manifesto

House as Haiku: A Manifesto

Food. Shelter. Water. What else do we need? What else do we rely on to do more than just survive? Beauty. Love. Community. Comfort. Security. Health A good home combines all of these things. I’ve spent my life trying to reconcile my wild creative urges with a very practical side and my screaming need to […]