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Some Moments in Music

halifax bowie tribute at the Marquee

Music has power, and there is power in making music. I listen to an eclectic mix, pretty much everything, except mainstream country (painstakingly predictable) and rap (no need for more misogynist shit in this gal’s life). I like music that’s good to dance to, for different moods of dancing, and for different moods of driving. […]

Peasant Food

the raw ingredients for ratatouille

Sometimes I lose track of how much goodness there is in simple dishes and how really pleasing they are. Sometimes I just get tired and don’t want to cook. That’s when grilled cheese, plain pasta or get yer own damn supper are on the menu. But, the reality is: I cook like a peasant. I […]


Touch.   Splits skin and resolve. Knife meets ripe plum.   Touch.   Tumbles body and soul. Surf pounds clear sand.   Touch.   Fires belly and heart. Hand feeds pure desire.   Touch.   Scours skin and bones. Mouth polishes raw stone.       29 Aug 12

Social Functions

Social Functions

‘Function’ can also be used to describe a large social event, usually where you’ve bought a ticket for a fundraiser or you’re attending a graduation or the opening of an art gallery. This is not the same as ‘social functioning’ but you can definitely gauge a person’s social functioning abilities at a social function. Usually, […]